Energy Investment

The energy industry is an exciting marketplace. It is currently experiencing a revolution, especially in the US. Decades-long trends of rising consumption, declining production, and increasing imports for oil and natural gas are being reversed. The heightened environmental concern about greenhouse gases created an urgency to develop alternative energy solutions. There are many market dynamics and investment opportunities within the energy sector that are unique and not well understood by the wider investment communities.

We are a team of seasoned professionals with extensive knowledge in energy project development, investment valuation, and trading strategies in the energy industry. 

We approach energy investing with a macro view. We research the underlying drivers for the energy industry and study the inter-relations of various markets and subsectors to seek the best returns.  

We create value by

1. Exploiting our Edge: specialized knowledge and unique insight in the energy industry through careful research and interpretation of trends and data,

2. Sound Risk Management principles: balancing long/short exposure on commodities futures/equities to implement our relative value arbitrage strategy and generate superior return,

3. Discipline: execution of strategies backed by solid analysis and entry/exit planning.


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